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I love this site . . . we’ve needed a site like this for some time! It always ticked me that women lose their identity when they marry and change names . . . some several times. I lost my identity a few times myself. I started off as Sandra Rebholz in Pittsburgh . . . then Sandra Settle and moved to Philadelphia. No one in Pittsburgh knew Sandra Settle and no one in Philadelphia knew Sandra Rebholz. Then Sandra Herington . . . moved to New York and finally moved to St. Louis and went back to Sandra Rebholz. I have friends all over who don’t know WHO the heck I am! I will NEVER change my name again. I will always be Sandra Rebholz and if I marry again, maybe I’ll hyphenate for the new guy!

This is a site where women can list all their names and be found if they want to be found. I missed a 50th class reunion of my FIRST GRADE class because they were searching for me with my first husband’s name!! Now I’m listed on the site. It will be a God-Send for a lot of women.


    Having been married twice and changed my name, this site is a good resource for me. Much less intrusive than some other sites. Thanks!
    Thank you for being here to help so many!
    Patsy G.
    This is a fabulous service . . . now we just have to get women everywhere on board.
    Mary C.
    The site is a brilliant idea. I wish you monumental success with it. I’m looking desperately for my best friend from childhood. I can guarantee that I’ll be back to this site a million times to look for her. Thank you again for finally coming up with the answer for finding women you’ve lost touch with!
    Shelly D.
    I wanted to find my old school buds or years, but had no idea how to reach them. This website is a great idea. Thanks for the opportunity!
    Kathie S.
    Count me in!!!!! I will tell everyone I come in contact with – this is better than sliced bread.
    Carol C.
    I love this site. It seems that so much changes in women’s lives, especially their last names. This has made it possible for me to contact old friends.
    Lydia P.
    What a clever idea! This is such a great opportunity for women to be found using their maiden names. Yes, indeed, we are the same people even if our surnames have changed!
    Brenda J.
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