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Can I modify my membership information?2017-05-09T10:07:07-07:00

Yes you can! To update your membership information, after you have registered and logged in, you can update your information on the Maiden Info page.

Must I complete the entire membership profile?2016-06-28T14:58:28-07:00

The more information you submit, the more precise your profile will be and it will make you more find-able by others searching for you. Many of the fields are optional; however, we ask for this information to ensure an accurate search.

Why were there no results when I searched for several names?2017-03-23T17:24:40-07:00

One has to register information into our database in order for their name to show up. Using our “Tell-A-Friend” Form to let your friends know about us greatly increases the number of successful contacts.

Does this site work on locating only the maiden name, or can one start with the maiden name and locate the married name?2016-10-24T23:44:54-07:00

You may enter any name you know the person by and the current name will appear in the search if the person is registered.

Why can’t I get access to the Search Page?2016-05-13T08:55:09-07:00

First make sure that you are registered! If you cannot access the Search Page, most likely the cookies on your computer are turned off. Once the cookies are enabled, you should have no difficulty accessing all pages of the website. To see how to enable cookies, click here.

Will my email address remain private?2016-09-17T14:38:18-07:00 is committed to protecting the privacy of our members’ email addresses. Information and content submitted to bulletin boards and other public forums on are visible to the MaidenName community.. Do exercise care in deciding what information and content you wish to disclose.

Do you have a Privacy Policy?2017-03-23T17:23:11-07:00

Yes! Here is the link to our Privacy Policy.

What is the source of data for is strictly voluntary. Each member’s information has been entered by that member. We do not obtain data from any outside source.

Why are men included in a maiden name site?2016-08-30T10:56:19-07:00

Or, as one member put it, “What’s a male doing in this hen house?” It’s very simple. They are looking for women. They may be sentimental searchers wondering about a former girlfriend or classmate, or, as one man put it, “I just want to be found!”

What if I never received my confirmation email?2019-06-27T13:46:51-07:00

If you did not receive your confirmation email message, first check your spam folder or junk folder for a message from If you cannot locate your confirmation email, please contact us at Allow 24 hours for a reply.

How do I delete my profile?2016-08-30T10:56:05-07:00

We hope you don’t have reason to delete your profile, but if necessary all you need do is log into your account, select “Edit profile” and click on the “Delete Profile” link.

Questions? Comments?2017-03-23T17:27:11-07:00

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