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Let us be clear. is not THE tool to conduct a search for someone with whom you’ve lost contact. It is A tool.

With people changing jobs, changing names and changing cities on a global scale, trying to reconnect with a person you knew a few months ago, let alone years ago is becoming a much more difficult task. If an individual has changed his or her name, it is especially difficult. You need more than one tool. After all, if you were searching in your own community, you wouldn’t just post a “Have you seen this person?” flyer in one coffee shop and expect results. You would use all the tools at your disposal. That’s where we come in.

Whether you are looking for a birth parent, a lost love, an old college friend or a work associate from a job you had back in 1995, we are a solid place to start your search. In fact, list yourself in our system and someone may find you.

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We prefer to ask, Why not? It’s the price of two venti frappuccinos and priceless if it moves you closer to your goal. For a limited time, the fee to register is $9.99 for a year’s membership.

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Praise From Our Members

I love this site . . . we’ve needed a site like this for some time! It always ticked me that women lose their identity when they marry and change names . . . some several times. I lost my identity a few times myself. I started off as Sandra Rebholz in Pittsburgh . . . then Sandra Settle and moved to Philadelphia. No one in Pittsburgh knew Sandra Settle and no one in Philadelphia knew Sandra Rebholz. Then Sandra Herington . . . moved to New York and finally moved to St. Louis and went back to Sandra Rebholz. I have friends all over who don’t know WHO the heck I am! I will NEVER change my name again. I will always be Sandra Rebholz and if marry again, maybe I’ll hyphenate for the new guy!
This is a site where women can list all their names and be found if they want to be found. I missed a 50th class reunion of my FIRST GRADE class because they were searching for me with my first husband’s name!! Now I’m listed on the site. It will be a God-Send for a lot of women.
Having been married twice and changed my name, this site is a good resource for me. Much less intrusive than some other sites. Thanks!
What a clever idea! This is such a great opportunity for women to be found using their maiden names. Yes, indeed, we are the same people even if our surnames have changed!
Brenda J.
This is a fabulous service . . . now we just have to get women everywhere on board.
Mary C.

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