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MaidenName.com is a tool to conduct a search for someone with whom you’ve lost contact. With people changing jobs, names and cities on a global scale, trying to reconnect with someone you knew a few months ago, let alone years ago, is becoming much more difficult. And if they have changed their name, it is especially challenging. That’s where we come in.

Whether you are looking for a birth parent, a lost love, an old college friend or a work associate from a job back in 1995, we are a solid search site. And by listing yourself in our database, someone may find you!

Why use MaidenName.com?

We prefer to ask, “Why not?” It’s the price of two Venti Frappuccinos – and priceless if it moves you closer to your goal.

For a limited time, the fee to register is $9.99 for a one year membership.

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Please choose a membership tier below. The Site Registration membership allows others to search for you and provides access to general site content including the forum. The paid Maiden Search membership allows access to search for others through our database.

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You now have access to the website general content, including the forum. Please visit the MaidenName Portal to add yourself to the MaidenName database so others can find you! If you’re looking to search the MaidenName database, this functionality is part of our paid plan.

Thank you for your subscription. You now have access to all areas including the person search database.

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