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Hello-Badge_Blue_EstelleEveryone has looked back at one time in her or his life and wondered what an old friend or former flame is doing now. If people from my past were trying to find me, they would need a private detective and a lot of luck. Originally from Philadelphia, I have lived in New York, New Jersey, throughout Maryland, in Florida, and now just outside of Denver, Colorado, in Loveland! I have moved numerous times and have had three last names: my maiden, and two married names.

The idea for MaidenName.com came to me late one night as I was sitting at my computer thinking about how my Penn State friends and I would fantasize about our futures, and suddenly I realized that I would never know how things turned out for them since many of their names have changed – perhaps several times. Creating MaidenName.com is my way of giving people like me a chance to reconnect.

As a self-proclaimed romantic, I created MaidenName.com as my second brainchild – or “love child”. When I lived in the Washington D.C. area in the 1980’s, I was a professional matchmaker and entrepreneur, creating and running Entrées, a singles’ dinner club popularly known as Dinner with the Proper Strangers. And so, MaidenName.com affords me the opportunity to continue to help people connect with friends and sweethearts from years past.

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